Air Residency

Benae was announced as one of three artists that will participate in Round 4 of Air Residency. This residency focuses on artists creating work on airplanes and in airports. Benae is excited to take on this incredible, challenge and to create a body percussive piece at the Art Party at the culmination of the experience.

Benae will be creating a piece about black women and rest. This piece explores the body attempting to take up as little space as possible and later expanding into as much space, physically, rhythmically, and vocally as possible in an effort to explode and exhaust the niceties enough to get to a place of rest. This piece begs the question, is it even possible for black women/black queer women to get to a space of rest, to find solace, comfort, and quiet, in a world that is built over and against us while alive, and if so, what does it require?

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